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About the farmers

Aeros Lillstrom is at home on the earth with her hands in the soil. Growing up on the farm, and then leaving it to “find” herself amidst studies of art, herbalism and gardening she knew that there was no place like home to settle and pursue a life of farming. After meeting Chris, she knew she met her life partner to create what has become, Who Cooks For You Farm.  She is the office queen, the liason between the farm and it's many moving parts that come to and go off of the farm.

Chris Brittenburg grew up in Bethlehem, Pa. He went on to college and then traveled about in the US and elsewhere. Approaching his 30’s and needing a profession, he decided farming was the air under his wing. With a few years farming under his belt, he met Aeros at a farming conference, fell head over heels and set up to farm on Aeros’ family farm.  He manages our on farm systems.  He calls himself "the machine".  He's the director of actions that organizes all the moving parts in the greenhouse, pack shed, and field.   From sowing seeds to harvesting fruits he keeps everything moving synergistically.

Cedar is 5!  He loves trains, and riding his bike around the very smooth cement pack shed floor!  Cedar was asked this past summer if he wants to be a farmer when he grows up?  He said I am a farmer.  Cyan is 2!  He's a great helper.  He'll put carrots in bags.  He's help pack the cheese shares.  He'll help wash peppers, and he too also loves trains and to ride his bike around the pack shed.


The Girls

Roti, Smokey and Finca; they are the ground hog, rat, mouse and rabbit fence.  They work 24 hours a day with lots nap breaks.