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Fruits of Labor 10/6

Posted 10/6/2016 8:57am by Chris and Aeros.

Howdy Folks,  

Autumn weather has finally come.  So the morning harvests are a little chilly, but the afternoons are a sure delight.     

We are getting ready for many things around here. Preparation for our Autumn/Winter CSA is underway.  We now have all of our heirloom tomatoes pulled out of our hoophouses and have winter greens planted! This means that yinz can eat local farm fresh food almost year round.  It’s a huge learning experience growing when it’s cold. Things can go very well or things can grow very bad and it depends on how intense the cold snaps are and how exciting we make the environment for pests.     

We have asters in full bloom right now and the honey bees are loving it!  The chicken pen is full of blooming asters!  We have chickens to feed ourselves and our farm hands eggs.  They give Cedar and Cyan a daily duty to feed and water, and collect eggs.  Cyan is beginning to count eggs and Cedar is now picking up more than one egg in a hand.. GEEZ… How time flies.  

If you wrote in saying you wanted a pork share, we need you to sign up online to reserve your share.  

We harvested butternut squash on Monday, loaded them in a 40x48 bin and can now easily move them into storage with a new pallet jack.  This has been a tool long wanted by farmer Chris.  It’s his early birthday present.  Being able to move huge amounts of vegetables with little to no effort is important and has instantly made us all very happy. We are taking all sorts of steps to preserve our abilities to continue doing this work….gingerly.  

In Your Share This Week:  

NUTS AND BOLTS   Kale Leeks Flat Parsley Winter Squash Salad Turnips Sweet Peppers  


GUSTO   Cantaloupe Cherry Tomatoes Garlic Kohlrabi Kale Leeks Flat Parsley Winter Squash Salad Turnips Sweet Peppers  

Recipe of the Week:

17 Tasty & Unique Stuffed Peppers  The sweet peppers we grow are not your traditional bell stuffing peppers, but they can be stuffed all the same, but instead of standing on their bum they lie on their sides.