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Fruits of Labor 9/1

Posted 9/1/2016 11:36am by Chris and Aeros.

Hi Folks,  

Well we sure hope that you like watermelon. They have seeds! Sometimes this makes people not like them.  Well… if you don’t like them fresh, spit them out and save them to try roasting them. This was something I had in a movie theatre in China, roasted watermelon seeds!  It’s quite nice.  You roast them just like you would pumkin or squash. In a 350º oven on a baking sheet not greased, but with a little salt or any kind of spice you like sprinkled on them.  It’s good to rinse them before you roast them, so they don’t burn as easy.  Enjoy!  

A couple folks have taken us up on ordering half bushels or bushels or several more lbs than you are receiving in your share of tomatoes.  We’ll have these to offer for a couple more weeks. So if you want to give canning a whirl or would like to make a big batch of tomato soup to freeze just write us with an order request.  Paste will be a week or two yet.  But for now we have red slicers available at $1.00/lb.  

Winter Squash!  This is an exciting harvest for us this season. They are looking great! In this weeks share the Nuts and Bolts got Delicata and the Gusto got Speghetti.  Both are delicious in their own way!   

In Your Share this week:  

Nuts and Bolts: Delicate Squash Garlic Heirloom Tomatoes Leeks Sweet Peppers Watermelon  

Gusto: Garlic Heirloom Tomatoes Leeks Onions Parsley Speghetti Squash Saladette Tomatoes Summer Squash Sweet Peppers Watermelon  

Receipe of the Week:   Thanks to Aviva, a Squirrel Hill Pick up CSA member. Here are two recipes to enjoy!

Trevor’s Baked Pasta with Summer Veggies 

Swiss Chard and Onion Frittata 

We hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend! 

Your Farmers,

The Who Gang