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Fruits of Labor 9/15

Posted 9/15/2016 4:03am by Chris and Aeros.

Howdy Folks,  

I'm so sorry that I didn't get to writing a Newsletter last week.  One of my oldest and closest friends was having a baby and I was attending the birth as an assistant.  This was such an amazing experience!  I have seen a lot of other species give birth but this was my first human birth.  It's amazing that each and everyone of us are born from our mothers, and in a most natural way it is through pain.  It was so special to support her and then rejoice in good health and new life. Absolutely amazing! This particular woman was with me at the birth of my first son and she too had a little boy!  Oliver!  

We hope that you all had a couple good watermelons.  We are now on to Cantaloupe!  Cantaloupe color determine ripeness.  Watermelon is ripeness is determined different.  BUT its always a gamble when you cut into it.  We’ve had the bummer surprise of a dud melon, but the much more common experience is a delicious juicy melon.  We did happen to open a watermelon the other day that sent a huge gush of yellow water with seeds all over our kitchen.  This was a first!  It was a huge amount of sugary sticky water basically everywhere.  25 minutes later it was cantaloupe time...  

Our tomatoes are on their way out.  This was one of our best tomatoes seasons ever! We are now in the prime of peppers.  It's funny that we go from one nightshade to the next with the season peaks. The yellow and red corno type peppers (shapped like a horn)  are some of the sweetest and best peppers we know.  We love to eat them raw in the field, warm and sweet!  They are also excellent cooked in a sauté.    

If you have an abundance of peppers, it is really easy to prepare them for freezing.  Cut them up however you like and freeze them in freezer bags.  We have also known people to dehydrate them for paprika.  They are not a Paprika pepper, but they still make a very nice sweet dried pepper powder.   We are offering bulk red and yellow sweet peppers.  They will be $1.50/lb.  If you would like some please send us an email. A bushel is about 20lbs.  

In Your Box this week:  

Nuts and Bolts  


Cantaloupe, Head Lettuce, Hot Peppers, Curly Parsely, Sweet Peppers, Red Slicer Tomatoes  



Beets, Cantaloupe, Eggplant, Head Lettuce, Hot Peppers, Curly Parsely, Sweet Peppers, Summer Squash, Saladette Tomatoes, Red Slicer Tomatoes  

Recipes of the week:  

Cantaloupe Parsley Smoothie = 3 cups cantaloupe, 1 bunch parsley!  This is a just a suggested ratio 


Charred Pepper Pesto By Jamie Oliver

For this recipe I would just roast the peppers yourself, you can do this in a 425º oven for 20 or so minutes.  The skins should be blistered and blackened in spots.  If you like you can then skin the peppers by after taking them out of the oven placing them in a paper bag for another 20 min.