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Building New Hope Coffee Share

This will be our fifth year partnering with Building New Hope and El Porvenir Coffee Cooperative.

Building New Hope is a non profit based in Pittsburgh and has one paid employee! It's primarily volunteer run! This coffee is certified organic and shade grown by farmers being paid more than fair trade prices.  The coffee comes from El Porvenir, a worker owned cooperative in Nicaragua.  It is distributed by Building New Hope and roasted weekly at Washington County's 19 Coffee Company.

Here are some of the highlights that stood out for us about Building New Hope: Money generated from coffee sales has created training centers, schools and literacy programs for street kids, projects for women, community organizing initiatives and alternative energy projects.

Prices are as follows:

Regular Whole Bean $10.50/lb

Decaf Whole Bean $11.50/lb

Coffee Share for summer main season CSA :  We will deliver your vacuum sealed coffee every other week to the pick up site of your choice.  If you have a Market CSA, we will bring your coffee to whatever market you register under.  This share is 13 weeks. 

$136.50 for Regular

$149.50 for Decaf


Coffee Share for Autumn /Winter CSA:  We will deliver your vacuum sealed coffee every other week to the pick up site of your choice along with your Autumn/Winter CSA.  This share is 7 weeks.

The cost:

$73.50 for Regular

$80.50 for Decaf

Click here to sign up for a coffee share