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Choice CSA

Sign Up for Choice CSA

This is our 2nd season offering a Choice CSA share. We are using a platform called Harvie to better serve your needs as a customer, reduce food waste, increase your satisfaction, and help you find ways to prepare the vegetables we deliver to you.  

How does it work?  

Sign up for your share by following the link at the bottom of this page.  Once you have chosen your size of box, picked a pickup location, and paid for your box we will present you with a list of all of the crops that we grow and ask for you to tell us which crops you want in your box and which crops you don’t (by rating each crop 1-5). These are your crop preferences and can be edited at any time if your preferences change. Approximately 24-48 hours before each week’s delivery, we will provide an estimate about what will be coming out of the field that week. Based on your crop preferences, Harvie will send you an email telling you what will be in your box. At this point, you can make adjustments to your box and purchase weekly add-ons, if you like. We will harvest your customized box. As the box is delivered to your pickup location, we will send you a text message notification letting you know that your box is ready for pick-up. If any product in your box is not of perfect quality, you will have 24 hours to ask for a credit on that item for a future delivery. You will also have the chance to rate each box so we can get your feedback quickly to improve quality.  

Payment Plans  

You will have two options for payment: full payment or the payment plan.  One of the reason CSA has become so popular is that it gives the farmer a financial leg up.  In late winter early spring we have very little income as the majority of the annual crops are just beginning to be seeded and our sales are very low.  Your CSA Share investment is one that you will eat up and gain in health interest.  While we will be putting your CSA Share investment straight towards expenses that make this farm season begin, like seeds, insurance, repairs, etc.  This being said we are extremely grateful for a  payment in full if you can manage it. 

The payment plan requires 25% of your seasonal balance at sign-up.   Another 25% of your seasonal balance is due on the first week’s delivery. The remaining 50% will be divided between the 25 weeks of the share.  You will be charged weekly this remaining balance as well as for any extras you purchase each week.

Missed Pickup Days   You may opt out of a box 3 times per calendar year and you will not be charged for that week's box. The pre-paid portion of the box will be applied as a credit to your account to purchase extras through the end of the season.  

Assigning a box to a friend   Alternatively to getting a credit, you have the option of assigning a friend to pick up the share.  

Buying Extras   Each week, depending on availability, you may purchase extra items for your box on a pay-as-you-go basis.  (These extra items will be automatically charged to your account on file.)

Don’t love it, don’t pay for it   If we accidentally put into your box sub-par product or a product gets damaged in delivery, you may ask for a credit for that item, no questions asked. You have 24 hours to report this after you get your box, and you may use the credit for buying extras in future weeks.  

Auto-renewal   We will auto-renew your share for the next season while giving you plenty of notice to opt-out if you want to!  

Member Education   Based on what is in your customized box each week, we will give you cooking education and storage instructions.

Choice Share Sizes

Gusto = $875.00 - $35.00/week :10 items a week

Nuts & Bolts = $515.40 - $25.00/week : 6 items a week

Joyride = $450.00 - $18.00/week : 4 items a week


Pick up Sites:

 All Choice CSA's are delivered on Tuesdays.

Pittsburgh Area

    • Highland ParkBryant St. Market 5901 Bryant St. 
    • OaklandLegume 214 North Craig St. 
    • Lawrenceville - Reed & Co. 4113 Butler St.
    • North Side -AIR, Art Image Resource Inc.             518 Foreland St.  
    • Regent Square-private residence on East End Ave.
    • Squirrel HillFive Points Artisan Bakeshop        6520 Wilkins Ave.                                                
    • Squirrel Hill Central private residence on Douglas St. 
    • The Strip DistrictBar Marco 2216 Penn Ave. 
    • Sewickley-Sewickley Confectionery 600 Beaver St. 
    • Ford City - RX Fit  601  4th Ave.
    • Downtown - 200 Ross St. (city employees only)
    • GreenfieldStaghorn Garden Cafe                       517 Greenfield Ave.
    • ADP - 1000 GSK Rd. (ADP employees only)
    • Downtown - 200 Ross St. (City employees only)

New Bethlehem

  • Ever Moore's Restaurant - 341 Broad St. 16242


On Farm

  • 181 Eddyville Rd. New Bethlehem 16242
    Sign Up for Choice CSA for 2018 will open soon! 


Sign up for a Choice CSA