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Restaurants and Grocery

At Who Cooks For You Farm, owners and operators Chris and Aeros are convinced that the integrity of the food they grow is interrelated with the integrity of our surrounding environment.  To elevate that integrity, we use compost and cover crops to enrich and protect the soil.  We use organic practices and crop rotations to encourage healthy soil systems.  We create habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators to help us do our job better.  We offer chef's and local grocers the opportunity to enhance our local foodshed and economy by connecting their customers with our locally grown produce.  This gives us all the opportunity to steward our bioregion.  We believe food is the foundation upon which healthy communities thrive, both human and non-human, and so, we are committed to growing the highest quality vegetables, fruits and herbs.


Below is a list of businesses that love our produce:

2216 Penn Ave., The Strip


4613 Liberty Ave. Bloomfield

 5336 Butler St. Lawrenceville

5996 Penn Circle South #5, Shadyside

7516 Meade St., East End

229 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside

2000 Smallman St., The Strip

214 N. Craig St., Oakland

3519 Butler St., Lawrenceville

242 51st St., Lawrenceville

             5887 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside

           4744 Liberty Ave. Bloomfield


381 North Shore Dr., North Shore

4306 Butler St., Lawrenceville

             524 William Penn Place, Downtown