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About CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

is a mutually beneficial relationship between a local farm and the community of people who receive the food the farm produces. Members purchase a share of the harvest in spring and receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal vegetables. The members agree to share the inherent benefits and risks of the agricultural season.


Why CSA?

People are looking for ways to reconnect with the sources of their food. CSA addresses this desire. It aims to rework the webs of our local food culture and economy offering safer foods from a safer food system. Participation in CSA encourages an understanding of how we rely on each other and nature. It offers the opportunity to ‘live’ closer to the farm that supplies fresh nutritious foods reconnecting families and communities with the nourishment of our earth. Farms and the foods they produce are the foundation upon which healthy communities thrive.

What is a Share and How Does it Work? Find out more in the links below!

For the 2019 Season we are offering Market CSA.